Queenstown New Chandigarh

Ambika Queenstown New Chandigarh Welcome to Ambika Queenstown New Chandigarh – a spectacular residential project that promises to take luxury living to the next level. Strategically located in Mullanpur, New Chandigarh, this project offers a perfect symbiosis of comfort, aesthetics, and elegance. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, including hills and lakes, every home in this plush… Continue reading Queenstown New Chandigarh

Ambika Florence Park

Ambika Florence Park New Chandigarh Ambika Florence Park New Chandigarh Home draws inspiration from the culturally rich city of Florence, Italy, which means ‘to blossom’. Every corner of Florence Park is a reflection of the blossoming of this Italian city. Even after multiple visits, you will still discover something new. Ambika Florence park New chandigarh… Continue reading Ambika Florence Park